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Daily, from 8:00AM till 07:00PM,
Sundays Closed

Contact information:

+599 (9) 737-6155



We know our customers,

and they know us.


In 1974 Botica Cerrito was founded as one of the first pharmacies in Curaçao. Since then, we have been a proud locally owned family Botika. In Curaçao the locals call a pharmacy and drugstore under one roof a “Botica” or “Botika”. Ever since 1974 we have been a trusted name in our community. With the purpose to serve as many people as possible we expanded to three centrally located branches on the island; so we are always near you! The other two branches are Botica Groot Piscadera and Botica Novo. All three Botikas are on main roads of the island, with public transportation stops right in front of their doors.

For decades the local Consumer Association (Fundashon pa Konsumidó) has continuously ranked us in the top 3 best priced and best assorted Botikas on the island.This result gives our clients a sense of ease while shopping with us as they are assured that they will get great value for their money.

We know our customers and they know us. We appreciate the trust our clients give us by choosing us when visiting one of our branches. We want to comply with that trust by making sure we have the products in stock that our clients love. From time-tested products to the trendiest items on the market.

All three of our Botikas are active members of the Pharmacies and Owners Association on the Island, the V.A.E (De Vereniging van apothekers en eigenaren) As an active member of this association we aim to contribute to the well-being of the healthcare system as a whole.




Team ladies of Botica Cerrito

Even though we are three branches geographically divided on the island we truly work as one big team.

As many of our employees h

ave been with us for many years, they know our communities like

no other. With this knowledge we try to give just the right amount of personal attention or space depending on the needs we sense.

All of our three branches have one pharmacist, registered as such at the Ministry of Health of Curaçao, who is responsible for their pharmacy department. The pharmacy is supported by a great team of pharmacist assistants.


Our customers

We value every customer, as we understand the have a choice of where they chose to go.

Good quality products

We value good quality products, and therefore choose consciously what products we offer in our stores.


We value choice, and that is why we aim to have large assortments and many brands in stock so our clients get to choose what suits them best.

Get’s their money’s worth

We value that everyone “get’s their money’s worth”, so we do our best to deliver the best prices to all of our clients all of the time!


We value tradition, and that is why you will find your grandma’s favorites at our stores.


We value change, and that is why we have new trendy items in stock, specifically in our hair and make-up departments.


We value your time, and therefore we do our best to help you as fast as we can.

Our team

And last but not least, we value our team, because they help us serve you the best that we can.