Open hours:

Daily, from 8:00AM till 6:00PM Sundays Closed

Contact information:

+599 (9) 520-7007



KabouterLand children’s playground

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated grand opening of “KabouterLand,” an enchanting playground designed especially for your little ones, right here at Promenade Shopping Center! Get ready to embark on a world of imagination, play, and joy as we unveil this wondrous play destination for children.

At KabouterLand, we’ve created a whimsical and safe haven where children can explore, create, and make cherished memories together. Our magical playground is inspired by the world of fairytales and fantasy, providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for kids to unleash their creativity and boundless energy.

Key Features of KabouterLand:

  • Enchanted Play Zones: Discover multiple play areas that transport your children to different fantastical worlds, each brimming with exciting activities and play structures.
  • Adventure Playground: Climb, slide, and swing at our adventure playground, designed to keep children active and engaged in healthy, fun-filled physical play.
  • Picnic Area: For parents and guardians, we have a cozy picnic area where you can relax and share quality moments while keeping an eye on your little ones.
  • Cafeteria De Dames: Treat your little explorers to delicious and wholesome snacks at our cafeteria, offering a variety of child-friendly options.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Promenade Shopping Center for their unwavering support in making this dream playground a reality. KabouterLand is a testament to our commitment to providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for children to learn and grow through play.

So, join us at KabouterLand at Promenade Shopping Center. The excitement begins, and we can’t wait to welcome you all for days of laughter, joy, and enchantment.

Come one, come all, and let’s embark on this magical journey together! See you at KabouterLand!